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A flock of migrating snow geese resting in a grassy marsh

Explore Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Calling all nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and Mansion Farm Inn guests! Explore Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, a pristine local sanctuary that hosts diverse ecosystems and vibrant wildlife. Visitors have a unique opportunity to connect with nature and witness the beauty of undisturbed wilderness. Join us at Mansion Farm Inn for a tranquil stay and a journey through this remarkable refuge, delving into its natural wonders and vital role in preserving Delaware habitats.


Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge has been making an impact on the local ecosystem of Delaware since 1963. This refuge hosts diverse habitats covering 10,000 acres of land along Delaware Bay. Freshwater and saltwater marshes, ponds, wooded swamps, and grasslands are home to various birds, fish, four-legged friends, and native plants. Shorebirds use Prime Hook as a pitstop on their annual migrational journey up and down the Atlantic coast. Make sure to have your binoculars and a pair of peeled eyes ready for bird watching! Fisherpeople will also find great fun at Fleetwood Ponds or Slaughter Creek, trying their luck at the 51 species of fish scuttling underwater. Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge’s mission is to protect endangered species, sustain a livable home for residents of the habitats, and, most importantly, connect explorers to the native history of the land.


The list of fun things to do in Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is long, including fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, and exploring. If you are an avid photographer, this is a great place to crouch in the grasslands to scope out animals in their natural habitat. Walkers can embark down Blue Goose Trail, which ventures through fields and freshwater marsh. Another great way to explore the area is down the Canoe Trail. This 7-mile stretch of water is accessible to kayakers, canoers, and small motorboats. You can also enjoy Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge hunting and fishing with the correct permits and licenses. Pack a picnic or your bags for a day of natural wonders.

How to Visit

Located inland from Broadkill Beach and an 8-minute drive from Mansion Farm Inn, Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect outdoor activity in Milton, DE. Depending on the area of the refuge you would like to explore, there are plenty of options for parking around the park. The Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Map is an excellent resource for finding parking, overlooks, and walking trails. There are no fees to visit, so this is one of many free things to do in Delaware.

Get Involved

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge restoration has been an ongoing project. In 2015, $38 million was allotted to the refuge to fund storm and sea-level rise resistance. Successful restoration has continued to preserve the refuge’s lands and mission. However, constant work is needed to protect the dunes, marshes, and acreage lands. There are many volunteer opportunities, like litter clean-up or nesting box restoration, or you may choose from a list of other needs that help PHWR maintain its serenity. Donating is also a great way to get involved, and joining Friends of Prime Hook is an interactive membership that does the work for you!

Plan your Stay

Avid nature enthusiasts should add Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge to their adventure list alongside McCabe Nature Preserve and the best beaches in Delaware. Delaware Bay and the surrounding area offer visitors a unique, outdoorsy experience. One day may not even be enough! While you explore Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, take time to reflect, connect, and rest. We welcome you to experience the same while staying at Mansion Farm Inn.

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